Dundalk in Ireland is a very beautiful place full of greenery, water, and great architecture. Many people visit this town every year to experience the Irish lifestyle and learn more about Irish history. There are lots of things to see and do here. 

The castles and historical places are worth visiting if you are in Dundalk in Ireland. 

If you plan to visit Dundalk, then you need to look for good accommodation. You will find different types of accommodation here that will suit guests of different budgets and preferences. If you are looking for high-end hotels, then here are some recommendations for you.

The K Club

This massive hotel was built on 550 acres of land. You will love the mansion and will have a relaxed experience here. There are many activities you can do if you stay here. You will find two golf courses and can try out your golf skills.

The view from this wonderful resort is amazing. You will see the green fields and trees. The hotel arranges several activities for guests to make their stay more enjoyable.

There is a kid’s club and your kids will love joining this club as they will be able to play different games with other kids. They can also go on a walking or cycling tour around the area. There is a spa facility to make you feel relaxed.

You can go fishing and kayaking; the hotel will arrange everything for you. There is a big swimming pool for you to relax in. It is a popular resort for arranging weddings and other events. Corporate events and meetings also take place here.

Tankardstown Hotel

Featured image Top 4 Hotels in Ireland near Dundalk Tankardstown Hotel - Top 4 Hotels in Ireland near Dundalk

This is also a big hotel and you can expect grand hospitality from them. The 18th-century look of the hotel is just amazing. They provide free breakfast, Wi-Fi and parking. You can try the hot tub to relax.

There is a beautiful garden outside where you can have your tea and lunch. It was a private family residence in the past, but now it’s open to the public.

Ballymascanlon House Hotel

Featured image Top 4 Hotels in Ireland near Dundalk Ballymascanlon House Hotel - Top 4 Hotels in Ireland near Dundalk

It is a great hotel for families. There are lots of activities for kids including a kid’s club, pool time, and more. There is a childcare centre, swimming pool, golf course, tennis court, and other facilities. The rooms are huge, and the views are breath-taking.

Carrickdale Hotel & Spa

Featured image Top 4 Hotels in Ireland near Dundalk Carrickdale Hotel Spa - Top 4 Hotels in Ireland near Dundalk

You will have a great mountain view from this hotel. There are two restaurants, a spa, an indoor pool, a health club, and other facilities. There is a free Wi-Fi connection that will help the guests to finish their office work, if any, or play online games. If you search properly, you will find many luxury accommodations in Dundalk. You should choose a hotel depending on what things you want in the hotel which includes restaurants, swimming pools, health clubs, and other facilities. You should consider your budget too as most luxury hotels can be very expensive.

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