This blog is about Dundalk, a lovely county town in Ireland. The blog focuses on the accommodation and leisure activity options available here. In this blog, you will learn about the various types of accommodation found here.

You will know about the leisure activities that you can take part in as well. If you are an experienced travel writer then you can write for our blog. We are looking forward to recruiting guest writers to add an extra touch to our blog so that more readers find our blog interesting to read as well. 

What’s in it for you?

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If you join our team of writers, then you will be on a learning journey. This experience will help you to write better travel articles in the future and you will get more writing opportunities at different blogs and magazines as well.

We pay our writers well and you will get the chance to earn some extra money. If we like your writing, we will ask you to write more articles for us.

Rules to follow

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We maintain a very high standard in our writing. Our blog is targeted towards people who plan to visit Dundalk and are looking for information related to the place. You should write articles related to accommodation and activities in Dundalk.

This place is becoming more developed as more tourists come here every year. So, there are new accommodation becoming available and you should be aware of those so that you can provide our readers with the latest information.

The articles should be well versed and organized. You must include pictures with your articles to make them more interesting. We do not accept articles with the slightest trace of plagiarism, so you should only write original articles.


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You should send the article by email and attach any relevant photos with it. Make sure that the pictures don’t have any copyright issues. After submission, we will revise your article and may ask you to edit it if necessary. If accepted, we will publish the article in our blog within a week. Please contact us for further inquiries about the writing opportunity.